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I am always interested in opportunities to work with clients who would like some help anticipating a range of potential futures for their organization or industry. I am available for speaking, workshop design and facilitation, and research consulting engagements across a number of industries.

I currently offer the following consulting services:

  • Strategic Foresight Consulting – I work with clients on horizon scanning, scenario development and innovation workshops to understand the client (or product’s) possible futures based on social, economic, cultural, environmental and political trends, and identify the strategic approach required to reach the client’s desired future from the scenarios developed. Deliverables usually include: Trend analysis, futures platforming and multiple scenario development based on client need, executive foresight report outlining 4-6 scenarios, innovation workshop series with client strategy team to explore scenarios and determine desired future state, executive presentation and slide deck summarizing project, additional consulting and coaching to help executive and product teams realize desired futures.
  • Experience Analysis and Design – When clients are exploring product development or service design, it is critical to think about the customer experience surrounding the use of that product. In these 4-6 month projects, clients will pick a product or service and assemble a roster of customers and non-customers for interviews, surveys and co-design workshops to explore painpoints and customer needs around that product or service. Typically, the client will also provide a small team to participate in these research activities and design workshops. Qualitative, ethnographic and quantitative data as well as design thinking are used to help the team develop an optimal product or service for their target customers.
  • Workshop Design and Facilitation – working closely with the client to understand the desired strategic goal, I will design a workshop or workshop series to bring different client constituents and stakeholders together to learn from each other and co-create product, service or collaboration concepts. Typical methods include business model canvas, value proposition canvas, Wardley mapping, gamestorming, and other highly visual, highly participatory techniques. Workshops can be structured as a series or a one time event, and typically last 1-3 days each, though specialized half-day workshops can be developed. Deliverables typically include: detailed workshop design, presentation slides, workshop facilitation materials, executive report of workshop findings and outcomes, coaching on next steps to extracting value from workshop outcomes.
  • Keynote and Breakout Presentations – I offer a number of presentations on STEEP trends impacting various industries, futuring methods for teams, the future of higher education and technology, and more. Workshops can also be added to these talks to help executive and product teams further explore the implications of these trends and methods.
  • Training – I also provide multi-day trainings on strategic foresight methods, experience analysis and design methodology, and creative facilitation techniques for select clients. Trainings are bespoke, and tailored specifically to client need and participants.


Examples of Consulting work:

Recently, I conducted an Experience Analysis and Design project with the Education Technology Services team at the University of California San Diego. The following is a public view of the research results from that study.


One recent presentation was on the use of Gamestorming techniques and the Business Model Canvas framework to develop online and hybrid courses and programs in higher education:


This is a recent presentation on technology and pedagogical trends in higher education and their impact on undergraduate teaching and learning:

This is an example of the types of applied teaching and technology talks I have given at the University of Kentucky and elsewhere:

Teaching & Learning Using Web 2.0 Tools by Christopher S Rice, Ph.D. from UK College of Arts & Sciences on Vimeo.

I also design and facilitate half-, full- and multi-day workshops that assist my clients in exploring possible scenarios facing their industry or organization, and in applying creative thinking techniques to exploring problem spaces and collaboratively developing solutions among stakeholders.

Here are a few pictures from recent client workshops illustrating the type of activities you can expect to encounter at these workshops:


As part of the University of Kentucky Experience Analysis and Design team, I lead experience design research and ideation across a variety of areas, from online learning to technology selection and integration to advising. An example of this work can be found here, including video and the slide deck containing research and service design.


Finally, I also engage organizations in scenario-building and strategic planning exercises. I invite you to view these examples of scenario excerpts for an organization and for student life/experience.

If you would like to discuss working together, please contact me using the form below: