Recommendation for PS 235 Summer 2008

Attention Conservation Notice: This post is intended for UK Students looking for a good class to take in the summer. If you’re not a UK student, please ignore. Thanks.

Summer classes are a great opportunity to pick up a USP requirement or a pre-major course in a small classroom environment. It’s one reason why I enjoy teaching classes like PS 101 American Government in the 4-Week session this year or when I taught PS 212 last summer. It’s great to work with a small group of students in a course which would normally be quite large. So, if you need to take a USP or pre-major (100- or 200-level) course, summer is a great time to do it.

I wanted to let you know that one of our best Teaching Assistants, Barrett Osborn, will be teaching PS 235 World Politics in the 4-week session this summer. If you need to take PS 235 to meet a university studies requirement or Political Science major requirement, let me encourage you to sign up for Barrett’s class. also, please spread the word about this opportunity. I have replicated Barrett’s course flyer below.

PS 235-010: World Politics

Iraq…Terrorism…Darfur…Global Warming…These are just a few of the current policy challenges that will continue to play a significant role in World Politics in the coming years.  In a globalizing world community, international discourse and foreign policy behavior are increasingly important to understand and interesting to discuss.

If you have an interest in discussing global problems, their solutions, and learning how global discourse transpires in a smaller classroom setting, you should consider registering for PS 235 World Politics offered in the Summer I Session.

PS 235: World Politics
Summer Session 1: May 2008
Meeting Time: Monday-Friday 2-3:20PM
Instructor: Barrett Osborn

Registration Deadline: April 14-15