Eight Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Got tagged with one of those infamous blogger memes again, so I thought I’d actually, y’know, give it a go this time.

  1. I once worked as a comic book store clerk, and it was probably the best job I ever had, though it paid the least. As my best friend at the time described the experience, “Isn’t that like hiring an alcoholic to run your liquor store?” Short answer: Yep.
  2. I was once the best high school trombone player in the state of Kentucky and came to UK as an undergraduate music major on a trombone scholarship. I was especially good at jazz, and preferred orchestra over marching and concert bands.
  3. Continuing with this theme, as an undergraduate at the University of Kentucky I had four majors in four years (Music, Microbiology, History and finally, Political Science). I did not graduate with a minor (and no one has ever really cared).
  4. I once worked for a few years as a butcher. Far from driving me away from meat consumption, it actually made me MORE of a carnivore, because I knew more about the best cuts and how to prepare them. It’s why I have a hard time getting on board the Become a Vegetarian to Stop Global Warming train, even though I know it’s The Right Thing To Do.
  5. I am a serious cat person. I got my first cat at three years of age, and all the cats I’ve had since come from the same genetic line as the third cat I ever owned. Some of them have been amazingly inbred, resulting in blind cats, albino cats, cats with abnormally large heads, and one cat lacking joints in its front legs and with a hip shaped such that it could not scratch its ears with its hind legs. I loved that cat. The most cats I ever owned at one time? 14.
  6. From the age of 11 to the age of 18 I read the Hobbit in its entirety once a year. I have resumed the tradition with my son this year. It’s an especially good book to read when traveling.
  7. My father was my mother-in-law’s first husband [no, my wife and I are not related by blood]. My wife and I did not know this until after we had dated for a few months.
  8. I learned to read by the age of four because my father read comic books with me on the couch every night. Never underestimate the power of imagination and fantasy to fuel the goals of both children and adults. Not only did I learn to read very, very well at an early age, it led to an enduring affinity for comic books and science fiction that informs a lot of what I do today as an educator, writer and father.

So there you are, eight things you didn’t know about me (and probably wish you didn’t know even now). You may resume your normal programming…