Snoop Zeppelin

It’s officially a good day. Bless the person who thought up this mashup.


I do love me some Snoop. Thanks, Tony.

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Warren EllisCrooked Little Vein.

What a delightfully filthy little book!

I think, however, that the key chapter of the book is the protagonist’s in-flight conversation with a certain serial killer (who is not referred to by name) where the idea of mainstream vs. underground is deconstructed. The point Warren is trying to make here is that in a world where the internet has made every sort of fetish and perversion (though I would agree that’s a loaded term – a point repeatedly made in the book) readily available in the comfort of your own home, is there really any such thing as an “underground” anymore? It’s a point well worth considering, and not just in relation to sexual proclivities. Is there any such thing as an “alternative” scene in any creative field anymore? Is there such a thing as a “mainstream culture” for an alternative to define itself in opposition?

Of course, the larger dilemma was trying to explain to my wife what exactly Godzilla bukkake was and why it was so darned funny.

Don’t ask. Just read this damn fine book as soon as possible and let me know what you think of it. Amazon has it dirt cheap right now, but I was able to find it with no problem at my local chain book store.