Cat Herding and Taking PS 545 Students on a Second Life Field Trip

My PS 545 American Political Thought class is doing a major Digital Ethnography project in Second Life this semester. To get everyone on the same page, we went on a “digital field trip” in the lab the other week,

Field Trip 01

and had some fun deconstructing the meth lab simulation on UK Island. That’s me in the all-black outfit in front of the plasma screen TV, looking like an odd cross between Foucault and Spider Jerusalem.

Field Trip 02

However, getting everyone to stay on task was a bit like, well…see this video for a more accurate explanation of my feelings on the matter:


I heart my 545 class, but seriously, you guys have got to learn to stay on task, quit breaking out into spontaneous dance parties, and avoid continual avatar transformation (though Lumpy Louie [sorry] gets props for the Kool-Aid Man avatar. I went around shouting “Hey, Kids! Kool-Aid!” for days afterward). <sigh> Things that “Old School” professors never have to worry about.

But, then again, I have a hell of a lot more fun than they do. 🙂

PS, To PS 545 students: someone needs to bring snacks for Snack Friday this week. Next Friday we’ll be in the Lab.

2 Replies to “Cat Herding and Taking PS 545 Students on a Second Life Field Trip”

  1. Dr. Rice,
    It was definitely me that was the Kool-Aid man. Not Lumpy. I’ll let you have the suit if you really want it.

    And I don’t think we stand much of a chance of staying on task in world. There is too much to distract us.

  2. I think it was Louie Pausch with the Kool-Aid avatar. I’m sure Lumpy wouldn’t want to steal props from Louie.

    Snacks should be covered for tomorrow.

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