Book Lists for my Spring 2009 Courses

PS 545 American Political Thought

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Lawrence Lessig Free Culture ISBN: 978-0143034650 $15 ($10.20 Amazon) PBK
James Boyle  The Public Domain ISBN: 978-0300137408 $28.50 ($18.81 Amazon) HBK
Chuck Palahniuk  Fight Club ISBN: 978-0393327342 $13.95 ($11.16 Amazon) PBK
Warren Ellis  Crooked Little Vein ISBN: 978-0061252051 $13.95 ($11.86 Amazon) PBK
Tom Boellstorff  Coming of Age in Second Life ISBN: 978-0691135281 $29.95 ($23.96 Amazon) HBK
Cory Doctorow  Content ISBN: 978-1892391810 $14.95 ($10.17 Amazon)

PS 456G Appalachian Politics

(Click here for the Amazon list & purchasing links for these titles)

Ron Eller  Uneven Ground ISBN: 978-0813125237 $29.95 ($23.96 Amazon) HBK
Peter Bishop and Andy Hines  Thinking About the Future ISBN: 978-0978931704 $19.95 ($19.95 Amazon) PBK
Peter Senge  The Fifth Discipline ISBN: 978-0385517256 $24.95 ($16.47 Amazon) PBK

There will also be a photocopy packet of additional readings available at UK Bookstore.

PS 240 Introduction to Political Theory

Nancy Love, Understanding Dogmas and Dreams (2nd Edition)

Nancy Love, Dogmas and Dreams (3rd Edition)

NOTE: there are many, many used copies of these texts available at local bookstores. If you purchase them new, they also come in a 2-book bundle which will save you money.

Due to a new initiative which I have been tapped to elad at the university, I will not be teaching PS 212 Culture and Politics of the Third World in the Spring 2009 semester. I will, however, be teaching that course during the 4-Week Summer Session in May 2009.

4 Replies to “Book Lists for my Spring 2009 Courses”

  1. would you mind soliciting my PS240 books from this semester to some of your students in January? cutting out the middle man – it’s like a fair trade book exchange!

    1. Y’know, I’m surprised no one has gotten something like this started on campus. Is anyone doing this on Craigslist locally?

  2. I remember some Econ grad students trying to make a small business out of it my freshman year, but I haven’t heard anything since. Some online app may be awesome to help with this, but the whole ordeal also proves just how important real life friendships are.

  3. Christopher,

    Interesting choices for PS 545 (Ellis, Doctorow, Fight Club)–sounds like a great class. Thanks for the reference to Nancy Love’s text… I just ordered a copy to examine for my Peace and Conflict Studies courses.

    John–sell them online… I just sold a bunch of theory books from my grad school courses in the late 90s and I was shocked how much people are willing to pay for them…

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