CSR Profile Pic (large)Christopher S. Rice, Ph.D. is a futurist, experience designer and political theorist exploring the intersections of learning, collaboration and technology. During his career, Christopher has worked with clients in a variety of industry sectors, including higher education, community development, political campaigns, educational technology, learning services/publishing and college business management. Through consulting, workshop design & facilitation, research, speaking and writing, Christopher works with clients to help them:
  • Understand the current state of their customer, student, citizen, stakeholder or employee experience(s) through a triangulation of ethnographic, qualitative and quantitative data;
  • Explore the strategic and tactical impacts of social, technological, economic, environmental and political trends on their organizations, services and constituent experiences; and
  • Engage customers, students, citizens, stakeholders, employees or other constituents in design thinking activities to develop a futures-minded solutions portfolio for chosen experiences.
As a consultant, Christopher uses the Experience Analysis, Foresight and Design (EAFD) Methodology, as well as a number of strategic frameworks including the business model and value proposition canvases, gamestorming and Wardley mapping. His current experience design work focuses on the intertwined futures of collaboration, education, community development and technology innovation. He has written and spoken on a wide variety of topics, including the future(s) of higher education, futuring methodologies, learning technology, learning experience design, social media, sustainable community development, experience design, and geoengineering.
Christopher was most recently the Director of Digital Learning Design & Analytics with the Institute for Transformational Learning at the University of Texas System, and a partner with Experience Design Works, an innovation consulting firm dedicated to transforming higher education by using Experience Analysis & Design to guide higher education institutions and edupreneurs through program and product development using a deep, data-driven understanding of student and faculty behaviors. In the past, Christopher has worked as an Enterprise Architect for Learning Analytics & Technologies with University of Kentucky Analytics & Technologies (UKAT) Associate Director for Teaching and Technology at the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT), Enterprise Architect for Academic Technologies and User Experience with UKIT, Social Technology Strategist in the Office of Undergraduate Education at the University of Kentucky, Research Director of the University of Kentucky’s Appalachian Center and Program Director for the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development. He has a B.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science with a Certificate in Social Theory from the University of Kentucky.


Twitter: @ricetopher
Instagram: @christopherscottrice

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